Social Impact

Plot Twist Pottery is burning down the patriarchy at Cone 6 by manifesting positive feminist plot twists and igniting others to do the same.

Let’s explain…

Our sassy ceramics and handmade jewelry are eclectic by design—we wish to honor the things that make each of us one of a kind, and celebrate the beauty in imperfection.

Our primary philanthropic goal is to bring attention and support to a rotating roster of causes that don’t usually get the recognition they deserve—organizations and causes that are often overshadowed by more well-funded and well-known charities. We welcome and solicit your nominations for small community-based organizations and causes that you are passionate about and that have minimal overhead costs, so that each dollar we raise can go directly to the impact we seek to make.

This is our feminist agenda. We fight with strategic optimism and fierce love. And our full, authentic, unfinished selves. As a Plot Twister Sister, (The Twisterhood!) we look for loving opportunities to smash the patriarchy. We’re into kiln’n’ it with kindness. And puns. Because I’m almost 40 and I accept that I’m not growing out of it; I’m growing into it. We help fund organizations that support journalism and operationalize anti-racist and anti-patriarchal work.

We find inspiration in the starfish parable, and wake up each day eager to get to the beach and toss starfish into the ocean. Except we’re far away from the beach, so we do it in a pottery studio on a soggy farmstead instead, with a kiln and internet connection and a dance party playlist and friends.

As one person, each of us can make a difference for those within our reach. And we should. When we join together through the scaling impacts of spare attention, spare time and spare change, we build a far-reaching sisterhood and misterhood—The Twisterhood—of connection and community that can actually change the world.

For the first half of 2021, select causes will be funded through exclusive Plot Twist Pottery collections, with 10% of the purchase price of those collections going to the cause. Additionally, all customers will be invited to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar, with those funds being given directly to the selected cause. To help get this plot twist started, we are lowering prices site-wide from flat dollar amounts to dollars and change.

And because we’re in this for the long-haul, the closer we get to recovering our startup costs, the more we will be able to donate. Once we have broken even on our start-up expenses, we will transition to donating a double-digit percentage of all sales, in addition to our ongoing round-up campaign.

Now let's go be awesome.