Collection: Custom Trinket Dishes

Have you ever noticed the way smells hug our homes, clothes and items we spend a lot of time with? Some folks believe energy stays with places and things in the same way. At Plot Twist Pottery, our studio is filled with impromptu dance parties, a happy basset in a sunbeam, and lots of laughter. Items are crafted in joy and gratitude, to spread good vibes from our soggy corner of the world to yours.

It just seems like the least we can do when creating the Little And Fierce trinket dishes that will grow up to hold your jewelry, coffee spoons, self-care tea bags and candles. And if it is destined for a professional life providing a brief vacation station for binder and paper clips between documents deployments, well, we want to add a little smile into that hard work.

Larger and coordinating catch-all dishes will be coming in the next few weeks. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter if you’d like to know when those are ready.